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Here are the steps for redesigning a website:

Determine the goals of the redesign: The first step in redesigning a website is to determine the goals of the redesign. This may include improving the user experience, updating the design to be more modern, or making the site more mobile-friendly. Our websites are like having another salesperson. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes distinguish themselves from their competitors.

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Conduct a website audit: A website audit involves analyzing the current website to identify any problems or areas for improvement. This may include analyzing the website’s structure, content, usability, performance, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Create a redesign plan: Based on the goals of the redesign and the findings of the website audit, create a plan for the redesign. This should include a list of specific tasks that need to be completed and a timeline for completing them.

Design the new website: Develop a new design for the website that addresses the goals of the redesign. This may involve creating wireframes, prototypes, or mockups to visualize the new design.

Develop and test the new website: Using the design as a guide, build and test the new website. This may involve coding the website, adding content, and testing the site to ensure that it functions correctly.

Launch the new website: Once the new website is complete and has been thoroughly tested, it is time to launch it. This may involve redirecting traffic from the old site to the new site, updating links and bookmarks, and promoting the new site.

If your web design project requires a fine amount of control over the look or functionality, or you don’t need the utility of a full Content Management System, building a custom site in raw HTML is perfect.

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There are several reasons why you might need to redesign a website. Some possible reasons include:

The website is outdated and no longer reflects the organization’s brand or message.
The website is not user-friendly or does not provide a good user experience.
The website is not mobile-friendly and does not display well on mobile devices.
The website is not generating leads or conversions at the desired rate.
The website is not performing well in search engine rankings.

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