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I have a question for you. What process would you follow for an e-commerce website development? It’s a difficult question. Let’s answer this here. First, what is an e-commerce website? An e-commerce website is a website that sells some sort of product or service online. We use e-commerce websites in our day-to-day activities for purchasing something online. Now, you want to develop your e-commerce website. That’s a very good idea. Let’s get started. The steps are very simple.

We’ll ensure that you can understand those steps in this list of the step-by-step process of e-commerce development. Ecommerce technology ensures selling the product online is simple.

Planning an Ecommerce Site

Are you going to sell a product? Is that going to solve a real problem? First, do validate your product. Is it a valid product? Is it going to solve a real problem? Are they going to pay you for that product? If yes, you can start selling it based on its quality. You have examined the problem-solving nature of the product. Now your product is ready.

Types of an Ecommerce site

You have selected a very nice product for your eCommerce business. The next step is deciding this. What kind of business model you are going to select? Are you going to sell it directly to the customer? It’s a B2C model. Are you going to sell it to a business? And they are going to sell it in their retail shop or retail chain. It’s a business-to-business (B2B). You need to find other businesses that are going to buy your product in bulk amount. They are going to sell it. You can set up a Marketplace and aggregate product-related content from different vendors. The vendors are selling your product through your website.

Know your Audience

The next part, know your audience. Who is going to buy it? The customer Persona is the kind of customer you are your ideal customer. This is not exactly one customer. He is a combination of all the characteristics of a group of customers. It depends on their demographic information. The demographics mean a list of information about the customers. The demographic information is like the gender of the customer, and age group. It includes location and educational qualification.


Now, you know your audience. You can start marketing and promotion using your e-commerce website. We are going to walk through the step-by-step process of launching your product or e-commerce website. The next step is working with your business name. What is the business name? Give it a name based on your ideation. As you are the owner of the business, you know your audience.

Based on your product you can decide on a good name. It is a time to define the brand. The next step is purchasing a domain. You can go to a website that’s selling the domain.


After purchasing the domain, you need to do some sort of legal paperwork. You want to make your business legitimate. If it is located in India, you will register a GST number. If it is located in the USA, we’re going to set up a business as a solo entrepreneur or an LLP. It depends on the location and business size.

Now your business is legitimate. It has a business name. You have registered the relevant taxation document.


Now, create a site map. The sitemap is a list of all pages.

  • Home page,
  • About us,
  • Product listing,
  • Product detail page,
  • Cart page,
  • Shipping details
  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy’s
  • Terms and conditions
  • Return policy.
  • You can also add an event listing or a blog page.

Design and Develop

Depending on your need you need to tell the other feature to your developers. Now, your sitemap is ready. Now it is time to hire a designer. A great designer is now ready to build your brand. You need a logo first. Your designer will create a logo that will match your audience person and their choice of color. A good logo represents the ideation and core value of the business. A great logo is a holistic view of your business. It is a very significant part of any e-commerce business. Our illustrators are very good at logo design.

Content Writing

This article is only about the step-by-step process of building an e-commerce website. Now you need a very good content writer in content development. A good writer uses engaging content. It attracts your audience.

Side-by-side, do some market research. You have to test your product with the actual end users.

You need to reach out to some actual customers with a prototype and get some bit feedback from them. This is a kind of market research that you can do side by side. It gives a very good understanding of the market.

You can understand the improvement that you need at the product level. And we’ll share this kind of content in the future on our blog. After doing the research, planning, and prototyping, you need some sourcing. Who is going to supply you with this product?

If the market likes your product, you’ll need a large quantity of the product. You know a small business start with a little bit of sale.

Now you’re ready to use a very good content strategy. That means you are going to write a good description of the product. If you are incorporating online marketing it has greater effects. You will need to be original.

Digital marketing Channels

With a small marketing budget, you can promote your product. Your customer will get very good detail on your website. If you want to sell your product on a marketplace (like Amazon or Walmart), you have to fulfill their terms and conditions. You are going to ship your product via their shipping service.

The customer data is the marketplace’s right. If you have an independent website, you have more advantages. You can promote it through various channels. You will get a customer database for a repeat sale. It will give more conversions in the future.

It is one of the major differences between selling on a personal website and selling on your Marketplace. This product listing process needs a little bit of refinement.

You need a finer product presentation. Your labeling should be very Market targeted. That means you are looking for more conversion in the quality of labeling. You can tell about the actual manufacturing process and product benefits. The videos play a very significant role in conversion. The photograph of the product should provide more and more detail to your customers. If your customers are happy with the product’s looks, they will buy it.

Your web development team has prepared a logo and you provided them with the content -that means it is good progress. The text or article that you have written by a copywriter or a Content writer needs some relevant images.

You can buy some stock images or hire a photographer or you can use your mobile camera. If you hire us, our UI UX designer will design the home page first. We follow the page list mentioned in the sitemap.

Project Management

We use an agile method in project management. That means we will support you as you grow in the future. As you change your mind about the design process about the presentation process, they will fulfill the need. Your designer has created a design. Maybe it will work after launching the site. These kinds of projects need agile development to run the business successfully. As a final step for launching a site, you have to start with the initial website. Every company starts with an initial website.

Now your website is ready to lunch your product. You will not get enough organic traffic through this website. As your website has a limited number of pages, the search engine will not send enough visitors from the search result. You have to write a detailed blog in the blog section. You have to reach the target audience using new channels.

Digital Advisement

One of the popular options is the pay-part-click model. The pay-per-click advertisement is an easy model where you buy some sponsor ads on this search results section. The website content is linked to the sponsor ads. You can reach more and more audiences. The three options are available as leading PPC options. They are Google Adword, Facebook ads, and Bing ads. If you are selling your product on Amazon, you can use the Amazon ad option. If you list your product on Amazon, you can use their PPC platform.

Now you need to promote your site on social media site. Social media allows you to promote your post at a low cost. You have to build a commercial page on Facebook and you can promote your post through social media advertisement. You have to pay a little bit amount of money for each click and impression. It will create strong visibility.

We conduct email marketing. Here we need to follow some ethics. You cannot send emails to everyone. Depending on the various type of compliance of geographical location, you have to select an email marketing platform. There are many email marketing software available.

You have to create some good-quality emails that describe your product. It has benefits in the future. If you get some real reviews that promote your brand. It will help in gaining more and more sales from online sources.

You have to start with some PPC program for running your ads. We share your product catalogs and list your product in the Facebook product catalog.

If you understand how to refine the process, you can improve the conversion. In the case of writing the description of a product, you have to give more and more detail about the product. You will gain some advantage over the competitor’s website. Maybe other companies already launched similar kinds of products. We look at their presentation and try to improve your presentation. If you need the design and development service we can support you.

Mobile Friendly Site

Most importantly, the website must be mobile-friendly. That will make your website SEO friendly. Any search engine optimization starts with unique quality content. You need engaging content as it creates more impact. That gives some sort of customer engagement and people love reading that content about your product. That content is going to solve their problem. We buy something to solve a problem. If you are discussing the audience problem, they are going to give you some good feedback about the product quality. The feedbacks are good for any sort of business. There are many other processes involved in making your website successful.


We have discussed the real step-by-step process of launching a product. Are you planning to start your e-commerce website? Are you looking for development support or any consultancy? We are available to discuss your idea. You can reach me through the contact form below. That will be our pleasure to build your foundation for an online business. If you like this conversation, please share it. This article will help you to start your e-commerce website.

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