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If you want to start building your website, then you have to think about three major points. The points are:
a) What are your skills?
b) What do you like to do and what is your passion?
c) What does the market want?
Based on these answers, you can start building your products. When you are placing your product in front of customers, you don’t need to tell them about the products. Before, telling them about the product, they will find the use of that product. The buyer has a state of mind of judging a product very quickly. Hence, you have to focus on solving the customer’s problem.
a) What is your customer’s need?
b) What is their interest?
c) What is their concern?
d) What is their expectation?
If you can solve these problems, the customers will accept your product. You don’t need to educate the customers about the products. Hence, look at the problem first. Then, try to find a solution. Then, automatically, the customer will search for your product.

First of all, you need to develop a nice website. Based on that website content, you need to develop some social media content as well. What are the best website builder options in 2022?

As a layman of web technology, I search this on the internet “I want to build my website”. I get the following results.
a) A help page from
b) A blog post from
c) A free website builder website
d) Another blog post from
e) The website builder product page of Godaddy
f) A video post from YouTuber

However, you will find another set of results from paid results. These imply that those companies have a lot of marketing budget for capturing the market.
1. The landing page service from Mailchimp
2. The free landing page service from
3. Ad of Squarespace site builder
4. Ad of Site123 site builder
5. Ad of web flow site builder

Now, it is time to find out the customer’s feedback on these products. The best way to do the research is to find their YouTube channels. We have studied a few comments from the customers who use those products. Thus, we will try to understand their needs regarding the web development service.
Let’s find out the customer’s needs from the best YouTube videos on website design.

First of all, a group of people searches for some free resources for building a website. They use the free platform and then after a few months, they buy the paid services from the free website platforms at a higher price. Some customers want to build their website, but they cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting. If you have a personal website without any commercial use then, the free platforms are good. In other words, if you want to expand and grow your business, then you need some guidance and support from a web development consultant. For example, you can use our advice about building your new website.

The website builder platforms are suitable for professional websites if they are managed by a professional. That means, if you hire someone for your web design work, then it is helpful. If you are a small group of friends and you want to start your blogging website together. Then you can build a website together at a small cost. You will divide the cost of development, hosting, and domain among the friendly. Then, you can share some unique content on social media. You will get training on digital marketing from our blog.

In the same way, if you already have a job and you want to start a blog for sharing your content, you can take help from our web development service. When you use a free platform, they get a financial incentive from your content. At beauty InfoTech, you can do, learn and think about web technology. Using your creativity you can change your life. You can change your hobby into a profession. You can send more traffic to your website from YouTube, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platform. You can add value to people’s life using good content creation. The time invested in your website is yours. You don’t need to give the full content to another platform. Generally, your website is your place on the Internet. If you are doing something great for humanity, people will share your story as a good example. I found an old man today who was teaching minimum use of the mobile phone for kids. You can teach any good skills using a personal website. You can create your email subscription list. If any other business gets interested in your product, you can collaborate with them.

Above all, you can manage a personal website using WordPress without any advanced skills. Our web development team can help you in configuring your WordPress website. WordPress reduced the technical limitation of the website building process. At Beauty Infotech, we build our website using very simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some customers want here website very simple. However, using a commercial theme makes a site more complex. They develop the piece in a way that in the future the customers reach their support team for paid modification. We deliver an easy website for all small business owners and personal website owners. Some young generation people want to build a website for their family business. They want to learn web development skills for redesigning their existing website. Ten years old websites generally do not fit on a mobile device. We provide service for making your existing site mobile-friendly. We can make a website mobile-friendly without changing its look and feel. If you select the wrong web design platform then, website redesigning is not easy. At Beauty InfoTech, we want to provide web design and digital marketing services to small business owners. If a small business owner wants to start an online marketing campaign, then he needs to place his content on social media. For that, business owners need human service.

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