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Upskilling is very essential for a great future. If you do that, you can prepare and tackle any change.

What kind of tasks do you do for upskilling yourself? We all need a positive mindset for personal growth. Mindsets are two types.
a) Growth mindset
b) Fixed mindset

Look at people around you. You will find that some people are growing day by day. They were not super talented in their academic life and their approach towards self-improvement is visible in their actions. We all have different interests in different fields. At the same time, we have an anxious feeling of failure.
This is a real problem among young and adult learners. We can solve this problem using the following steps.
a) First, identify your mindset. It is a collection of positive thoughts that will lead you to ultimate success.
b) When you are doing some tasks according to your plans, look at your improvements.
c) If someone else has a similar kind of skill, then review their success.
d) Are your skills adding value to other people? If yes, do not forget to seek their feedback.

Books on positive mind set.

During the journey of skill development, you have to give up a few points.
a) Do not doubt yourself. As a human being, if you concentrate on something, you can earn confidence.
b) Negative thinking is the biggest obstacle. Always try to avoid them.
c) Give up all fear of failure

Any human with an ordinary IQ level can learn a new skill that comes from practice and perseverance. All you need is some dedication and hard work.

The term “growth mindset” was coined by American psychologist Professor Carol Dweck. She used that word in her 2006 book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

“Although people may differ in every which way in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments, everyone can change and grow through application and experience.”
— Carol Dweck, The New Psychology of Success

When you are more adaptable, you can expand your technological capabilities. You can build the solution using fresh ideas. A great solution drives more revenue and profit for the business.

So, developing a growth mindset is very important. It is a part of your self-development, and you can achieve more. How can I make myself more productive? The following are a few rules that successful individuals follow in their life.
-Be Thankful.
-Be Kind.
-Be Useful.
-Be Strong.
-Be Loving.
-Be Honorable.
-Be Respectful.
-Never Quit.
-Never Fear.
-Refuse To Lose.
-Stay Happy.
-Stay Healthy.
-Stay Faithful.
-Stay Confident.
-Remain Humble.
There is another important point that we should remember. When we try something for the first time, we will not be perfect at that skill. It is okay.
Do not run after perfection. That can block us from having a growth mindset.

A quote about growth mindset.

According to a recent McKinsey study, about 375 million workers globally will be required to upskill by 2030. Learn new skills today.


With the help of a growth mindset, you can add value to your team at your workplace. Your contributions will change other lives as well. You will find new opportunities for a better tomorrow. By gathering unbiased data, and clarifying the problem, we can outline our mission and new challenges. Based on that mission, we set a plan of action. If you set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based) goals, the chances of success are more. If you fail, then it would be another chance to learn more. You can develop talents and abilities through training and hard work. A growth mindset will make you smarter.

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