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We are not just another digital marketing agency. I listen to this line many times for a full-service digital marketing agency. What is the ideal world of digital marketing? Is it a combination of art and technology?

As a marketer, you want to promote other businesses after understanding their goal and objectives. Your business is getting new clients and offering them great service.

What’s up guys, my name is Beauty. I am a full-time digital marketer and I am writing my “hello world” blog post today about the latest happening in the digital marketing world.

Let me add an image to this post for telling you the theme of today’s topic.

It is 14:40 New York time and after taking a shower, I am doing my research on the latest happening in my business. I am writing a blog post while having a cup of coffee. This evening I have a meeting with my client and I am doing a little research about his business now on my iPad. New York’s weather today is sunny at 89.6 F.

Why Digital marketing is so popular?

It is very interesting that people buy a billion times online in a single day. That mean’s one person out of seven-person of the work is actually buying something from the Internet. You can buy anything like a smartphone, 150-inch flat TV, a Batman costume for Halloween, or a Pokemon toy.

I am 35, thereby I can remember the advertising on American television. During my teenage, it was very common that you had to watch boring TV ads for skin care products for watching a favorite TV series. Now cell phone ads took that place and digital marketers run those ad campaigns for similar businesses.

How did I start the digital marketing service?

As I live in Jackson Heights, New York so I want to start my side hustle with my husband. I do work 9-5 Monday to Friday. Through Beauty Infotech, I offer digital marketing services for small businesses. As I worked for a long time in customer services, I can understand customers’ needs. People want to buy a product or service to solve their problems. Hence, the best way to understand a client’s requirements is to understand his or her pain point about a business issue.

Hence, in the first meeting, I try to wrap up the points that revolve around some pain points. That gives me some insights from the decision-makers.

How can I help my client?

I design some marketing things like advertising banners, websites, and landing pages. I can do any kind of digital marketing help regarding design, development, and promotion. As I have built a network of resources, they help me with their knowledge and experience.

This blogging is a good option to pitch my gigs to more people. With the help of great communication and project management, I want to solve business problems.

Digital marketers in the entertainment industry spent a lot of money. The filmmakers keep a certain amount of their production cost as a marketing cost. They mainly use Facebook, YouTube, and bloggers. For example, the budget for Adil EL Arbi’s “Badgirl” was $90, and the movie was not released for some reason. A lion’s share of the promotion cost is already spent by Warner Bros. So, we can understand that digital marketer has earning opportunities from a dead movie as well.

How to become a successful digital marketer?

A marketer works with an audience. It doesn’t matter if you are designing something or you are creating some content or you are writing a book or some articles, you are doing it for the people. So, the like factor is really very important. Understanding people’s like and dislike validate your work. It is pure truth that if you can add some value to people’s life, they will like your work. Hence digital marketing is not a thing to do as a side hustle.

Regardless of how confident you are, this task needs a lot of mental energy. From a content creator’s prospect, it is very important to engage people. It is very boring if someone talks about the basics of digital marketing. There are so many marketing techniques that are applied around social media. In the same way, social media sites are changing their algorithms. The quality is always the winner.

“In life, the first act is always exciting.”

There is no specific qualification required now a day for starting a business. Anyone can start a startup. You can sell as much as you can. The performance will depend on how transparent and honest in solving your customer’s problem. It is common sense that reputation matters for any type of business.

I have created a few landing pages about the common services of digital marketing. The main goal is to write some open resumes about the different skills. It is an approach of collect some projects. Businesses are very emotional. Every business owner wants the best of the best world. I have strong confidence in my skills that I can continue this journey for a long time. My blog is like looking at all the secrets of digital marketing with a magnifying glass so that I can find more opportunities. My goal is to bring big advantages to your business with the power of knowledge-based marketing and new technologies. As a business owner you have a complete vision and to execute that you need a team. That is why our first tag line of the website is “we are your external marketing department”.

At the same time, it is a huge responsibility that a marketer must be honest with both the business owners and their customers.

Can you imagine a team like “Miami Dolphins” digital marketing? Their performance depends on their training camp. Practice makes a fool perfect. At the end of the day, the whole team wins based on experience and practice.

Job opportunities

We have entered the second half of the year. The start of 2022 was difficult for all businesses. We saw many adaptions in the changing world. It is a resilient month for marketers as the competition is now getting stronger. The growth is depending on knowledge, empathy, and strategical thinking. As a matter of fact, eCommerce businesses are looking for more digital marketing services in 2022.

Data controls today’s market. Data-driven decisions result in the best opportunity. Digital marketers promote others’ brands and take commissions. The marketing and sales industry is growing. For this reason, AirBnb’s stock jumped 25% in July. Although they have no property for rent, they automated the process.

Every business has a workflow. If you can automate some processes using the technologies, it will make your businesses faster.

The biggest challenge of a digital marketer is the effective administration of his workflow. You have many things to do.

  • Project management
  • Following the best practices
  • Content creation
  • Business Meeting
  • self-promotion
  • Team management

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss these things in detail.

Thank you for reading.

By Beauty Infotech

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